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Bazel Rules Authors SIG

Bazel is a full-stack build & test tool from Google.

Bazel needs plugins, called rulesets, which teach it new languages and frameworks. Some rulesets are developed by Google, but most are community-maintained.

We use the term “rulesets” to refer to all Bazel extensions, including Starlark shared libraries and utilities for end users to work with rulesets.

A SIG (Special Interest Group) can be formed under the Bazel project following the Bazel SIG process.

The Rules Authors SIG charter is for ruleset authors to share technical approaches for solving common problems, to have a single coherent voice for interacting with the core Bazel team, and to provide a more consistent experience for Bazel end-users.

Our SIG is chartered as part of the Bazel project:

Participating in the SIG

As a company

The SIG is funded by companies that rely on the community-maintained rulesets. We need your support to continue providing the software you depend on!

As of November 2021, Google is not a funder of the SIG.

Companies can contribute in several ways:

  • Intellectual property: Upstream fixes and features your organization has made. Donate proprietary rulesets developed in-house.
  • Engineering time: Give your enthusiastic developers some dedicated “20% time” to make targeted contributions that benefit your use cases.
  • Financial support: The SIG accepts monetary contribution, via OpenCollective:

Participation benefits your company:

  • Recruit and retain talented engineers who want to work in open source.
  • Attribution of your contributions builds respect for your brand in the community.
  • Avoid merge conflicts when upstream changes break your private patches to Bazel rules.

Please get in touch with us if you think your company may be interested. See the contact info below.

As a contributor

If you maintain a ruleset, you can ask to join the Members of the SIG.

We have not yet determined how to admit members, see


Contact the SIG:

Read the Meeting notes from prior meetings.

Read the original community proposal to form the Rules Authors SIG.

Create and Managing repos

Convention for naming repo, workspace - suggestion is bazel-contrib/ -> contrib_

Members and partners

List of Members of the SIG (unless you’re a member, this will show only members who chose to allow this information to be public).